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Citystars is proud to introduce top Am rider Ke’Chaud Johnson to the squad.  Chaudie’s combination of skill and style defines where hesh meets fresh, while his versatility and ability to adapt to diverse terrain makes him a perfect fit for the 2009 Citystars team.  We all know the legacy of the Citystars Ams.. and like Kareem stated in Ke’Chaud’s [...]

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New pro series in shops now.

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Andrew Pott and Kareem Campbell Frontline decks out now.

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Welcome to the new website, have a look around. There’s Pott’s official pro release including a video of him testing out some new shapes, some interviews with the riders in the team section and lots of fresh goods in the catalog.
We’ve got lots of content lined up so keep checking back to see what’s [...]

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July 4th, 2009
For Immediate Release:
Citystars Skateboards Official Press Release
Citystars is proud to announce that Andrew Pott is now officially pro. He is the first addition to the
professional ranks at Citystars for 2009.
Andrew has been holding his own for several years now and has continuously progressed and
impressed with his skills on a board. Congratulations Andrew you’ve [...]